Preparing Your Home for Sale

This step starts with slowly walking through your house and viewing it through the eyes of a buyer. Ask yourself, “If I were buying this house, what about it won’t I like?”. When the buyer looks at your home, they will look for every flaw in the property that will become their problem after closing. They’re also looking at the general appearance and since it’s all new to them, this flaw will stand out. Many times this step is difficult to do since you own the home, but we’re here to help and to be 100% objective. These observations will be critical in the successful sale of your home.

Unless you maintain your home in showroom condition under ordinary circumstances, here are some of the improvements you might want to consider making: Make any minor repairs necessary. Examples are things like leaky faucets, loose door handles, windows that stick, or electrical switches and lights that don’t work properly. If you have a garage door opener, make sure that it works flawlessly and so on. Touch-up or repaint any rooms in the home that are looking tired. (Always favor neutral colors, because buyers do.) Declutter the entire home and minimize the number of furnishings you have in each room. This will help to improve the perception of flow. Make sure the entire home is fresh and clean smelling. If you don’t have time to complete all those improvements, or you’re not sure how look into a home staging agency. They can handle it all for you.

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